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MORETM AntiEtchTM Warranty

MORE™ AntiEtch™ must be installed by a MORE™ AntiEtch™ Certified Applicator in accordance with application instructions provided by MORE Surface Care, LLC.

MORE™ warrants to the original owner that the Product will be free from manufacturing defects, will resist stains and etching and will not deteriorate under normal use for 10 years. MORE™ will replace Product or at its option, refund of the purchase price of the Product.


This warranty covers:

  • The product will be free from manufacturing defects.

  • The product will resist stains and etching.

  • The product will not deteriorate under normal use for 10 years.

This warranty does not cover:

  • Replacement costs for labor and installation materials such as tile, natural stone, grout, setting materials, electrical, plumbing and any other costs associated with the installation.​

  • Improper installation.

  • Improper use of maintenance and household products.

  • Ordinary wear and tear.

  • Any item which might be expected to damage the Product, including but not limited to: abuse, negligence, falling objects, fire, earthquake, tornado or other natural disaster, exposure to extreme heat or accident.

  • Outdoor use.

  • Variations between field and trim, tile and stone.

  • Natural variations from design and color samples or photos.

  • Any color or shade variations, different markings, holes, pits, inclusions, veining, density and any element inherent to natural stone surfaces.

Warranty Detail


Why should I use More™AntiEtch™ ?

Marble & Limestone are composed of calcite, which is highly sensitive to acid spills. Food spills, lemon juice, vinegar and champagne bubbles will react with calcite in the stone in a destructive chemical reaction. This reaction is called acid etching. The stone becomes uneven, losses its gloss and can become discoloured. Some types of marble and limestone are so porous that even water will cause staining. Our solution will protect all porous stones from stains and etching and create a harmonious surface that cannot absorb bacteria.


My worktops have already been sealed, why is that not working?

The very best nano tech impregnating sealants help protect stone from stains for a limited period only. These sealers are absorbed into the stone and leave the surface open to acid attacks. None of these can protect from Acid Etching.


These alternative stone sealants are not stain proof, they simply resist stains and will need re application periodically. AntiEtch™  is not reapplied for at least 10 years if correctly maintained.


How long will the protective coating last?

AntiEtch™ comes with a 10 year manufacturer backed warranty against staining and etching. 

Unlike current sealants we do not need to reapply to maintain its permanent protection.


Will the coating affect the look of my stone?

Simply answer; No! AntiEtch™ is a Crystal clear water based coating, A non yellowing resin that enhances the colour and look of the stone. The completed finish does not look or feel like a plastic coating. The finish can be honed, super high glossed or anywhere in between.


My stone is badly stained, can it be fixed?

The good news is yes. Before AntiEtch™ is applied we grind the surface with diamond discs which removes most stains and surface imperfections  

Diamond grinding removes just a fraction of the stones surface. Deeper stains or oil patches may be removed with specialist poultices. These may take several days to achieve the desired effect.


My stone has chipped edges, can they be fixed?

Chipped edges should be filled prior to coating. Storm Stone Care will undertake this work on your behalf using fillers and UV cured resins before the coating is applied.


How long will the AntiEtch™ protective coating last?

AntiEtch™ comes with a 10 year manufacturer backed warranty against staining and etching. 


Is AntiEtch™ coating impact resistant?

AntiEtch™ comes with a 10 year manufacturer backed warranty against staining and etching. 


Can AntiEtch™ scratch?

Our coating is scratch resistant but it is not scratch proof. Once fully hardened the surface is very tough however small scratches will develop over time. These scratches can be removed easily by our applicators.


Can AntiEtch™ withstand hot pans?

Our coating contains additives to make the coating heat resistant. However like many other surfaces we do not recommend that pans are placed directly on the surface. Worktop protectors or heat pads ensure the coating surpasses its 10 year plus life.


How long does the application process take, when can I use the tops?

The tops are useable immediately on completion. The process usually takes 1- 2 days based on the size of the installation. Pre filling of chips or stain removal will add to the install time.


Can I treat my granite?

AntiEtch™ cannot be applied to granite due to their hardness or chemical composition.

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