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Etchproofing Your Stone Investments

Humble Beginnings;

Natural Stone has been a passion and a boyhood fascination; pockets of shiny quartz and beach finds soon became a collection of semi precious stones. The fascination always remaining the same; what beauty will be revealed once that rough stone is polished?


Following 35 years designing stone into high specification kitchens and bathrooms we have embraced the ultimate solution to permanently solve Acid Etching & staining of porous stones. Storm Stone Care was born. Our installations are now protected to the highest level and provide worry free use for 10 years plus thanks to More™AntiEtch™


Now designers, builders, yacht designers and homeowners can choose stunning natural stones to adorn their kitchen and bathroom surfaces without fear or the nagging doubt they will be damaged in daily use. 

The Very Best Protection

What convinced us that we have the very best protection to offer our valued clients?

  • 10 year material warranty following certified application

  • Permanently stops Acid Etching and staining

  • Crystal clear finish virtually invisible.

  • Completely natural to the touch

  • Can be applied on marble, limestone,onyx,travertine and concrete

  • Can be finished to honed, polished or leathered surfaces

  • Can be applied too both vertical and horizontal surfaces

  • Low odour, low VOC application

  • Environmentally friendly water based resin

  • Completely food safe

  • Zero porosity- germs and bacteria cannot take hold

  • Will not crack or peel

  • Perfect for white marble; non yellowing

  • Easy to maintain

  • Repairable

  • Tough & durable- 10 year life expectancy when correctly maintained

Architects, Designers & Specifiers Sample Service

The perfect way to present project samples; fully treated.

We offer a professionally presented sample service that can be tailored to project specific stones.


Allow the client to experience the invisible qualities of the treatment on their specified materials. 

Demonstrate the required level of finish from honed to glossy. 

stone samples 1.jpg
stone samples 2.jpg

Natures Incredible Array of Colour 'Frozen' in Stone
Examples of Exotic Marbles

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